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Erick "Cubo" Torres faces off against Federico Higuain in 2014 "Latino del Año" Round of 16

Cubo's in the running for some awards, but he won't win unless you vote for him.

The first round of voting in the 2014 "Latino del Año" competition on is in the books, and Chivas USA's nominee for the competition, forward Erick Torres, is into the second round. In the Round of 16, the Mexican star is pitted against Columbus Crew playmaker Federico Higuain, and the only way for him to move on is for you to vote!

Voting in this phase of the contest is open until Sunday night, so make sure you get on it right away. Head over here to get your vote in.

And while we've got you, it's probably a good time to mention that Cubo's in the running for MLS Goal of the Year as well. Voting in that series has also progressed to the next stage, and you can vote for his Group 3 goal, the dramatic winner against the Montreal Impacthere.

And if you want to see it progress, it's a good idea to vote and tell your friends to vote, since that goal's going up against a Seattle Sounders player and a Portland Timbers player.

Best of luck to Cubo in both contests, and be sure to vote for the Goat!

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