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Matthew Dunn captures second straight Chivas USA Player of the Month award

Dunn makes it two in a row.

Dunn: Impressed voters again in October.
Dunn: Impressed voters again in October.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Young midfielder Matthew Dunn has a fair number of fans out there, as he won his second consecutive Chivas USA Player of the Month award, this time for October 2014.

Dunn played in three of the Goats' four games in the club's final month, with two of those games being wins to go into soccer heaven on a bright note. And he played a full 90 in all three games, as he worked his way into Wilmer Cabrera's squad.

A late surge in the votes put Dunn (35 percent) well ahead of Akira Kaji (19 percent) and a late push for Donny Toia (26 percent). In all, seven players received votes for October.

Thanks to all who voted in the poll! We'll have season-ending polls coming up very soon, so be on the lookout for those.

September 2014 winner: Matt Dunn

August 2014 winners: Mauro Rosales, Dan Kennedy

July 2014 winner: Erick Torres

June 2014 winner: Erick Torres

May 2014 winner: Dan Kennedy

April 2014 winner: Mauro Rosales

March 2014 winner: Thomas McNamara

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