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Poll: Chivas USA's Defender of the Year

Which defender deserves the nod?

Zavaleta and Toia are in the running.
Zavaleta and Toia are in the running.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA's final season is in the books, and it's time to anoint some winners for the end-of-season awards. First, we open the polls for the first title up for grabs - Defender of the Year. The position that has a ton of work and few plaudits still merits some recognition, and it's your turn to decide who should get the prize.

Nine players who saw action on the backline are in the running for the honor. From the veteran leadership of Carlos Bocanegra, whose season was sadly cut short due to an injury, and who has subsequently retired from his playing career, to young Donny Toia, whose second stint in MLS was far more successful as he learned to be a fullback, there are plenty of options.

Is Bobby Burling, the longest-tenured defender on the 2014 roster, the steady presence who deserves the award? How about youngsters Eriq Zavaleta and Andrew Jean-Baptiste, who both got a chance during the season? Or Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, who joined the team last of all?

Experience in the fullback positions are also in consideration, from Eric Avila, who stepped into right back early when there wasn't anybody in that position on the roster, to the eventual successor at that position, Akira Kaji, as well as another World Cup vet, Tony Lochhead.

Believe it or not, Toia got the most minutes in 2014 among the defense, but then again, he was the only player who started the season on the roster who didn't have injury issues.

So who gets your vote? Take a look, make your pick, and of course, be sure to tell your friends and family to get in on the voting action!

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