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Chivas USA Dispersal Draft to take place Nov. 19; Draft order to be determined Nov. 14

Chivas USA players to find their forev...their "for now homes" very soon.

CUSA players interacting with possible future teammates?
CUSA players interacting with possible future teammates?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA are of course no longer a club, and the final vestige of the team will disappear on Nov. 19, when Major League Soccer will hold a Dispersal Draft among the 20 teams that will play in the league in 2015, the league announced on Friday.

The draft will take place by teleconference, with each team getting one minute to make a selection per round. The number of rounds is undetermined, as the proceedings will end only when all teams pass in a row.

All of the teams in MLS in 2014 will be involved, as well as the two expansion teams for 2015, Orlando City SC and New York City FC. But a somewhat novel (and perhaps confusing) draw will take place five days earlier, on Nov. 14, to set the draft order. The "random weighted draw" will consist of envelopes being picked, with playoff teams having one envelope for selection, and non-playoff/expansion teams getting two envelopes entered. Once a team is picked in the draw, their remaining envelope will be thrown out and the draw will continue until all teams have been picked. In other words, the order will be random, with non-2014 playoff teams likely stacked near the top, though that isn't guaranteed.

If players are taken, the teams that select them will be on the hook for picking up their 2015 contract option. For perhaps a few teams, the Dispersal Draft could be a way of trying to jockey for the subsequent Expansion Draft, to build Orlando and NYCFC's rosters, by making a former-CUSA player available for selection, presumably ahead of another, non-protected player already on the roster.

Players who are not selected in the Dispersal Draft will be eligible for the Waiver Draft or Re-Entry Drafts, depending on their experience level in MLS. For players who are enticing but may push budget-conscious teams away based on their current salary scale, they could be picked in those later drafts, all scheduled to take place in December.

MLS confirmed forward Erick Torres, who would have been the No. 1 player in the Dispersal Draft, will not be eligible. If he returns to MLS next year, he'll go to a new team through a different, as-yet-unconfirmed mechanism.

Finally, all draft picks Chivas USA retained have been erased, as you might expect, but those many, many picks traded away in recent years that are still outstanding will remain alive for the teams that received them. One pick for 2016, a second-round pick to Columbus as part of the Ryan Finley deal, has been slotted in at the No. 11 spot, since the Goats won't have a record to place that pick next season.

So, there's a lot of MLS sausage being made through this information. Have a question about any of it? Ask us in the comment section below, and we'll do our best to clarify it.