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2014 Waiver Draft: Nigel Reo-Coker, Bobby Burling, Leandro Barrera only players selected

Get your Chivas players! Step right up!

NRC: Going to wear yet another shade of blue next year, it seems.
NRC: Going to wear yet another shade of blue next year, it seems.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

MLS held its Waiver Draft on Wednesday, hot off the tails of the Expansion Draft earlier in the day, and it appears the only players selected were Chivas USA players in 2014.

The Montreal Impact announced they selected midfielder Nigel Reo-Coker with the first pick in the Waiver Draft...

...while the Colorado Rapids announced they had taken defender Bobby Burling.

And the San Jose Earthquakes followed that up by saying they had selected midfielder Leandro Barrera:

Needless to say, it's pretty strange that the only players taken were CUSA players, and for all of the "Hur hur, Chivas USA are the worst!" jokes around MLS, there were a few guys to add to the group of Goats players being dispersed around the league.

Reo-Coker joined the club midseason, following a surprise trade with the Vancouver Whitecaps for Mauro Rosales. Barrera spent all of 2014 on loan from Argentine club Argentinos Juniors, while Burling was the veteran of the group, having re-joined Chivas for his second stint with the club in the summer of 2012.

One interesting note here: It appears that all of the remaining Chivas USA players who were under contract or had contract options were thrown into the Waiver Draft, regardless of how long they've been in the league. In that way, it's strange that Burling was eligible, since he's been playing in the league far too long to normally be eligible for the Waiver Draft. And I have no clue what that means for his and Reo-Coker's salary situations, whether they're starting from scratch or will have some power to negotiate a deal (if they are out of contract) around where they were paid in 2014. It's worth noting that NRC made a crapload of money ($400,000 base salary, which is above a Designated Player level, though it appears Vancouver paid down his salary with Allocation money to offset a DP status), so my guess is that teams will have considerable flexibility in negotiating deals with these players.

Also, based on this, it appears Barrera will either be back on loan in MLS next season, or the Quakes are picking up the buy option in his 2014 loan deal with Argentinos Juniors. It's not a guarantee, of course, but unless San Jose was taking a complete flyer, they probably want to see Barrera on their team.

I'm not certain of this, but I'd bet that the remaining CUSA players will now go into the Re-Entry Draft, the first phase of which begins on Friday.

We'll have coverage of how the former Goats are scattered to the winds in the coming weeks. For now, what do you think? Leave a comment below!