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Video: Magic Johnson talks about how success with Los Angeles Dodgers will translate to LAFC

The Dodgers are doing well -- can the same happen with LAFC?

LAFC owner Magic Johnson is not just a celebrity, he's not just a former pro athlete, and he's not just a businessman.

He's also an owner of a major LA sports team.

In another short video (watch above) on the new MLS club's YouTube page, Johnson discusses how he and the other current owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team they bought in 2012, have made it the most popular team in Major League Baseball attendance-wise in the meantime.

The key distinction, in my mind, between the Dodgers and LAFC is that the baseball team has been around for more than 130 years (though of course not in LA that entire time), while the soccer team has been in existence for a month and a half.

Still, Johnson and some of the other people involved in both LAFC and the Dodgers, including one of the principle LAFC owners, Peter Guber, have experience with making a pro sports team in Los Angeles successful. For all of the history, which is considerable and cannot be discounted, there was certainly a down period when Frank McCourt was the owner of the Dodgers, and from current appearances, it seems the current ownership group, including Johnson and Guber, have completely turned things around.

It's impossible to know how things will turn out with LAFC, but the experiential level on a number of fronts has to be promising, at least.

Stay tuned for more news on LAFC when it breaks.

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