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2014 Re-Entry Draft: Nathan Sturgis selected by Houston Dynamo

Sturgis: Going back to Texas.
Sturgis: Going back to Texas.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Sturgis is returning to one of his old stomping grounds.

The midfielder, who has played for a record seven MLS teams in his career, last for now-defunct Chivas USA, was selected by the Houston Dynamo in the second phase of the MLS Re-Entry Draft on Thursday. Sturgis spent 2012 with Houston, where he played just five games, as the Dynamo ended up losing in the MLS Cup final that year.

For a player as well-traveled as the 27-year-old, Sturgis is returning to one of his old clubs for the first time ever. However, there are major differences in the leadership at the club since his last stint there, with Owen Coyle replacing Dominic Kinnear as coach and Matt Jordan coming in as GM this offseason.

In other Once a Goat connections to the Re-Entry Draft, winger Tristan Bowen, who played for the Seattle Sounders last season, was picked up by the New England Revolution on Thursday.

Players taken in the second phase of the Re-Entry Draft have seven days for teams to offer them contracts in order to retain their MLS rights. In the second stage, teams have much more flexibility to renegotiate player contracts (in almost all cases, to negotiate contracts to lower salaries than what they were on).

With the Re-Entry Drafts and Waiver Draft and Dispersal Draft now complete, any remaining Chivas USA players not selected in one of the drafts the past month are now free agents (Erick Torres excluded, of course, and not counting apparently Mexico-bound Eric Avila). By my count, that's 15 players, though some of those guys were on loan last season. Expect to see some of those remaining players go on trial in the preseason and find new MLS clubs next season.

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