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Once a Goat: Miller Bolaños draws red card for brother, scores brace and wins Ecuadorian league with Emelec

Brother vs. brother turned violent this time.

Bolaños: Thriving in Ecuador, even if it means his brother has to clean him out.
Bolaños: Thriving in Ecuador, even if it means his brother has to clean him out.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It was an eventful weekend for former Chivas USA attacker Miller Bolaños. The nearly-star who eventually escaped the vortex of CUSA's crazy days has settled in at Ecuadorian club Emelec nicely since returning to his native country in 2013, winning the overall Serie A title last year as they swept both seasons, and with Bolaños himself tying for top scorer in the 2014 Copa Sudamericana tournament. He also finished second overall over the full 2014 domestic season in scoring.

Anyway, on Sunday came the big finale to the 2014 Serie A season, as Emelec took on Barcelona de Guayaquil, with the teams knotted up 1-1 through the first leg. Of note is that Bolaños' older brother Alex, a defensive midfielder, plays for Barcelona.

Family ties don't mean a thing, apparently, as Alex completely took out Miller with a tackle. Of particular note is that Miller hit the deck, then jumped up angrily after taking the brutal tackle, then hit the deck once again to try and draw sanction from the referee. It worked, as Alex was shown a red card.

Check the whole incident out here:

Then, to top it off, Miller scored two late goals in the game to ice the tie for Emelec, as they won Sunday's match 3-0 and the series 4-1.

So Emelec and Bolaños won the Ecuadorian league for the second straight year, and are on their way to the second stage of the 2015 Copa Libertadores. I'm not sure how the Bolaños' family get-together will be like for Christmas, if Alex and Miller will have to keep their distance from each other or not. But the former Chivas USA man seems to be thriving right now, which is frankly a little bittersweet since he is clearly a good player, but could not overcome the turmoil of his MLS team, representing in the end a wasted opportunity for all sides.

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