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LAFC have added two new owners, Lon Rosen and Tucker Kain

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The ownership group has now been expanded to 24.

Rosen: One of LAFC's newest owners.
Rosen: One of LAFC's newest owners.
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

The gang of 22 has expanded a bit.

Two names have recently been added to the ownership roster for the newest MLS team, Los Angeles FC, on the club's website.

Both men, Lon Rosen and Tucker Kain, are connected to LAFC's ownership group via the Los Angeles Dodgers, for whom both are currently executives.

Rosen currently works for the Dodgers as executive vice president and chief marketing officer. He's long been connected to fellow LAFC owner Magic Johnson, working for the LA Lakers and the Forum while Magic played for the NBA side, before becoming Johnson's personal agent in 1985 and going on to start marketing companies in the intervening years.

He first joined the Dodgers' front office in 2004, then left the team in 2006 but returned in 2010 and helped pave the way for current ownership group Guggenheim Partners to buy the Dodgers in 2012.

Kain is currently chief financial officer for the Dodgers and also managing director of Guggenheim Baseball Management.

Again, it appears the strategy to bring in the vast group of owners for LAFC is two-pronged, at least from the outside. First, bringing in money is important, to invest in setting up shop via the MLS expansion fee, building a stadium and hiring staff and eventually building a roster, not to mention marketing costs and the like.

But all of these people appear to have real-world experience in various fields that should be of use to the new soccer team. And in the cases of Rosen and Kain, the experience appears to be in sports marketing (Rosen), which will be vital in promoting a team off the ground, and financial management of an American professional sports team (Kain), which is also obviously important to make the team both viable and (prospectively) successful.

And as LAFC's page featuring the 24 owners indicates, it appears parties interested in joining the club have an opportunity to be added, so we could see more names joining the ownership club as the weeks and months pass. Stay tuned!

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