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Magic Johnson talks about his role with LAFC in new video

What does the biggest celebrity of the ownership group plan to bring to the table?

Magic: Also the tallest owner for LAFC (and MLS)?
Magic: Also the tallest owner for LAFC (and MLS)?
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Los Angeles Football Club introduced their new YouTube channel and published their first video on Wednesday, a short clip with co-owner Magic Johnson. In the clip, Johnson explains what he's bringing to the expansion MLS team:

So maybe there's nothing groundbreaking here in the way of information, but it does emphasize the holistic approach LAFC looks to be using with the many owners. Obviously, money is a key component that brought the ownership group together (in that those who have it are presumably welcomed to the club), but the varied backgrounds among the individual investors appears to be a driving force in building the team.

And certainly Johnson is in a unique position, as the person in the ownership group with a combination of being a former pro athlete (so fully familiar with pro sports), a successful businessman, and a bonafide celebrity. Everybody in Los Angeles knows who Magic is, and even if he isn't a primary partner in LAFC's group, he'll be able to generate publicity and buzz about the team.

And given what we know about what happens when an MLS team in LA fails to publicize and market the team competently, LAFC ought to really put in the groundwork and maintain it if they want the team to be successful and sustainable.

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