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The plot thickens: Agent claims on Twitter that Eric Avila-to-Santos Laguna is "not off"

So maybe he is going to Santos after all?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, showing up in another team's gear and participating in their training session, with the head coach of that team claiming you are on trial there is not proof your original deal is dead.

That's the implication, anyway, from agent Spencer Wadsworth, a former FC Dallas teammate of Eric Avila's who currently works for Wasserman Media Group, and presumably represents the former Chivas USA midfielder.

As we discussed earlier on Thursday, Avila, who was reported to be heading to Liga MX team Santos Laguna for next season a few months back, was spotted at Chivas de Guadalajara's training session, with Chivas head coach Chepo de la Torre telling reporters in a press conference Avila was a player on trial in the club's preseason.

Wadsworth sent out a tweet on Thursday afternoon about the report:

I mean, it's kind of tough to know what's happening here. If Avila was only there to train with Chivas, wouldn't they have said that? This is Chivas we're talking about, but would they really be so disorganized that they wouldn't know why a player was there in the first place?

Also, if the deal with Santos is still in place, why isn't he in Torreon, doing stuff with Santos? I know Avila has something of a relationship with Chivas (assuming all the people around in the summer of 2013 haven't been fired in the meantime), but doesn't it look weird to show up at another team's training session, with that team's coach claiming you're on trial?

Anyway, it looks like there are more twists ahead in this story. We'll keep an eye on what happens to Avila. Stay tuned.

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