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Report: NASL to announce new Los Angeles team next week?

A new report appears to corroborate the original word on NASL expansion to California.

Presumably, Wynalda would not play for the prospective LA team.
Presumably, Wynalda would not play for the prospective LA team.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Following the recent rumor that the North American Soccer League is looking to establish a club in Los Angeles, comes a new report, courtesy of Kartik Krishnayer:

Krishnayer is a Florida-based reporter and somebody who knows the NASL very well. He's also well connected, having worked for the league in the past.

The Wynalda connection wouldn't be entirely surprising, considering he's based in LA (he works for Fox Sports, which is based here) and has been involved with an NASL team, the Atlanta Silverbacks, in recent years. With the league taking over ownership of the Silverbacks as of last week, Wynalda had left that team, where he had served as a remote coach or something for a time (though he did help lead them to a Soccer Bowl appearance in 2013), but evidently he remains on good terms with the league. Of course, there's no word on what his role would be with the new LA team.

We will continue to keep an eye on this story. Stay tuned!

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