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Rumor: Chivas USA linked to Spanish midfielder Dani Fragoso

Could the Goats be looking to Spain to reinforce their midfield?

One of Fragoso's former teams, Atletico Baleares
One of Fragoso's former teams, Atletico Baleares
Vavel Espana/Flickr (

There's been some more on the rumor front this Wednesday. The first regards the midfield, with Spanish website Cadiz Directo reporting that holding midfielder Daniel Fragoso is on his way to Chivas USA for a "new adventure" (Spanish).

Fragoso, 31, has spent his entire career in Spain, and his entire career in the second and third divisions there. A youth product of Real Madrid and Espanyol, he started with Espanyol's B team, and had a stint with Barcelona's B side from 2004-06. Since then, he's played for Murcia/Granada 74, Cadiz, Albacete, Melilla, Atletico Baleares, and most recently, L'Hospitalat. This season, he's made 16 appearances for the third division team and scored two goals.

Somewhat hilariously, the article reporting the rumor said the following (translated by me): "At his new club, sister team to Chivas de Guadalajara, he'll share a dressing room with well-known players like Americans [Carlos] Bocanegra and Tim Melia, Mexican Erick Torres, and Argentine Mauro Rosales."

I guess Melia has at least one fan in Spain?

At any rate, when asked for comment, Chivas said they do not discuss players who aren't on the roster, as is their customary policy. At the moment this remains a rumor, and we will have to see if he turns up at training camp.

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