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Preseason Gamethread: Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids, 2/16/14

Chivas come from behind closed doors to show us how they're getting ready for the new season.

Chivas and Rapids meet again in Vegas.
Chivas and Rapids meet again in Vegas.

The time has come! Chivas USA are playing a game in 2014 that is open to the public. Ok, so it isn't a competitive match, but it's your first chance to see your Goats play a full 90 minute match this year. Tonight, they are playing the Colorado Rapids in preseason action for the second straight year in the Las Vegas ProSoccer Challenge at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

The game starts at 7:30 pm PT, and if you weren't able to head to Sin City for the weekend, we've been told there will be a stream of the match, which you can find here. No word on whether there will be any announcers, but just being able to watch is a bonus.

We'll have a regular discussion of the match in the comment section below, so be sure to get involved and give us your thoughts on the game as it happens! Think of it as practice for the regular season, and a chance to talk about preseason and expectations for the coming season.

Here are the lineups:

Chivas USA starting XI: Dan Kennedy; Tony Lochhead, Bobby Burling, Carlos Bocanegra; Oswaldo Minda, "Trialist #1", Thomas McNamara, Mauro Rosales, Eric Avila; Matthew Fondy, Erick Torres

Chivas bench: Adolfo Bautista, "Trialist 2", Carlos Alvarez, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Tim Melia, Andrew Ribeiro, Bryan de la Fuente, Kris Tyrpak, Michael Nwiloh, Fejiro Okiomah, Larry Jackson, Caleb Calvert

Colorado Rapids starting XI: Clint Irwin; Edward, Marvell Wynne, Jared Watts, Marc Burch; Guzman, Nick LaBrocca; Dillon Serna, Vicente Sanchez, Charles Eloundou; Deshorn Brown

Rapids bench: Berner, Ibikunie, Grant Van de Casteele, Drew Moor, Chris Klute, Nathan Sturgis, Marlon Hairston, Marvin Chavez, Kamani Hill, Galindo, Gabriel Torres

Arriba las Chivas!