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Jorge Vergara confirms possibility of Chivas USA rebrand

The rebrand story is picking up momentum.


Following our scoop that trademark applications have been filed for Los Angeles SC and Los Angeles F.C., Chivas USA team owner Jorge Vergara spoke with Rene Tovar on ESPN Deportes today about the possibility of a team rebrand, his first-ever public remarks that the team name could change (Spanish).

Acknowledging that the current branding has not created and sustained the fanbase expected, Vergara said the team "has studied the possibility" of changing the name. Though the trademarks are now revealed, he did say that they are exploring possibilities at the moment:

"We are carrying out studies because four years of failures has degraded the name of Chivas in Los Angeles a lot."

In other words, they are working through options and there is apparently no timetable for a rebrand of the team, but it seems like quite a possibility.

While these remarks represent a major shift in Vergara's public comments concerning the name of the team, when asked if he is thinking of selling the team, he said, "At this moment, no."

However, Vergara did say that the team was in terrible financial shape when he bought the other half of the club in 2012, and that they have corrected many of those problems since taking over the club. He concluded with a rather puzzling statement: "The team has started winning in the preseason, something that hasn't happened in eight years. A good team is being built and we are analyzing the situation."

To me, it sounds like he may not even be set on owning the team for the long haul. What do you think?

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