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ESPN reporting Chivas USA could be sold, but take it with a grain of salt

Could the team be sold? Sure, just like any other team at any other time.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's John Sutcliffe reported Wednesday that Major League Soccer may be looking to buy Chivas USA from owner Jorge Vergara (Spanish). According to Sutcliffe, MLS Commissioner Don Garber doesn't have a good relationship with Vergara, and is disappointed by the performance of the LA franchise.

He further says he's heard the team could be called the LA Gunners or LA Soccer Club.

However, I must urge caution with this report. Sutcliffe has reported on several Chivas USA stories in the past. Let's look at his track record:

Obviously, reporters can be wrong at times, and at times they can get good information that is never acted upon. But that track record, coupled with the actual content of this latest sale piece, looks pretty shaky from my vantage point. Is it possible Chivas USA could be sold soon? Yes. Is it likely, at least based on this information? Not in my opinion.

Plus, the link to the "LA Gunners" screams out trying to connect dots that probably aren't there to begin with. I've written about how I don't think the LA Gunners report is credible, and Sutcliffe doesn't add any information to that, or to the Los Angeles SC rebrand possibility we learned about this week.

So I'm taking this story with a boulder of salt at the moment. Do with it what you like. And regardless, if there's more to this, we'll keep you updated.

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