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MLS Commissioner Don Garber says Stan Kroenke will not buy Chivas USA

Doesn't look like the LA Gunners is going to happen.

Aaron Davidson

Following the stunning announcement Thursday that Major League Soccer was buying Chivas USA back from Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes, MLS Commissioner Don Garber spoke on a conference call in the afternoon concerning the news.

It appears the league has been looking for an exit strategy with the Vergaras for some time, as Garber revealed the league has been in negotiations with potential new owners "for a number of months." As one might expect, he did not reveal any details about those prospective owners, though he said he was hoping to find an owner by the end of the year.

He did make it clear that Colorado Rapids owner Stan Kroenke, whose purchase of 60 acres of land in Inglewood came to light recently, would not be buying the club. The rumor mill has been churning with speculation that Kroenke will create an "LA Gunners" brand as an explicit extension of the Arsenal brand in the United States, as he also owns the London club.

But Garber made it clear that the league no longer wants owners to have more than one team in MLS. So based on what he's said, it looks like the LA Gunners rumor is wrong. Of course, I didn't think the team would be sold today, so who knows what will happen. But we should take Garber at his word, I suppose.

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