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MLS Commissioner Don Garber: Chivas USA discrimination lawsuit "resolved"

The biggest cloud hanging over the franchise looks like's it has passed.


Yesterday, a radio station out of Arizona reported that the discrimination lawsuit filed by former Chivas USA Academy coaches Teddy Chronopoulos and Dan Calichman had been settled. You will recall the coaches filed the lawsuit in May 2013, and publicly released the full lawsuit at that time. They were also interviewed in the infamous HBO "Real Sports" program in July on Chivas USA's purported policy of racial and ethnic discrimination last year.

During his press conference following the announcement of Major League Soccer's purchase of Chivas USA Thursday, MLS Commissioner Don Garber acknowledged the lawsuit was "resolved," though he refused to comment on whether it was settled or dropped.

The news also does not indicate the status of former Chivas USA human resources manager Cynthia Craig's discrimination lawsuit, which was filed in August. I heard conflicting reports about this lawsuit, that Craig joined Calichman and Chronopoulos' lawsuit, and also that she filed her own. I gather we won't hear more about it, and I would wager a guess that her suit is also "resolved" in some capacity, but that remains unclear*

* Update (Feb. 22): Kevin Baxter reports over at the LA Times that a spokesperson for the Vergaras confirmed that all of the discrimination lawsuits were resolved prior to the sale of the team.

It is perhaps unsurprising the lawsuit(s) were resolved, as having ongoing litigation would surely tangle up an ownership change, not to mention prove unattractive to potential owners.

And as Garber himself said regarding the matter, it seems like it is "time for everybody to move on." I think most folks would agree that looks like the best course of action now.

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