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Erick "Cubo" Torres returning to Chivas de Guadalajara in June

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The dynamic striker will not see the season out in California.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Amidst all of the news surrounding MLS extricating the Vergaras from Chivas USA Thursday, only one announcement so far concerns players on the team. During an interview on Jorge Ramos' radio show following the announcement, former owner Jorge Vergara spoke about the sale of the team to MLS (Spanish).

The bigger quote in the long run from Vergara is probably his acknowledgment that he couldn't handle two clubs at once:

We want to concentrate on investment on Chivas Guadalajara...I am convinced about soccer in the U.S. and MLS. But we want to strengthen Chivas Guadalajara. We leave Chivas USA in good hands.

However, in the short term the team will need to think about their striker position beyond June, as Vergara also said players on loan at Chivas USA from Chivas de Guadalajara will return to Mexico when their loan term is up.

At the moment, the only player on loan from Guadalajara is forward Erick Torres, one of the top players on the team heading into the season. The leading scorer for Chivas USA last season, the ownership change puts Cubo in a tough situation as the only player with a loan to the former parent club.

For him, it will be interesting to see if the off-field changes affect his play at all. Perhaps he will be energized. Maybe he will lose focus. That remains to be seen.

For the team, losing Torres, assuming he starts the upcoming season well, will be a blow. It will be up to whoever is in charge of the player personnel matters to be on the look out for a top-notch forward to replace Torres. Otherwise, we may see Chivas' scoring woes extend into 2014, and wouldn't that be a shame?

Still, the bottom line -- Cubo will be here half the season. He's not staying beyond that. So enjoy him in MLS while you can.

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