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MLS Commissioner Don Garber writes an open letter to Chivas USA fans

Have fans suffered enough? It looks like the tide is turning.

Garber: Has a message for Chivas USA fans.
Garber: Has a message for Chivas USA fans.
Ronald Martinez

Amidst the unprecedented move Thursday that MLS have bought back a club from its owners, league Commissioner Don Garber wrote an open letter to Chivas USA supporters explaining the move. The letter is available in its entirety here on

Among the highlights:

Earlier today we announced that Major League Soccer has purchased Chivas USA and will assume responsibility for operating the club. We truly believe that Los Angeles deserves two strong soccer clubs and with some hard work and the commitment of loyal and passionate fans, Chivas USA can become one of the top organizations in Major League Soccer.

For the hardy fans who have stayed with the team through years of turmoil and horrible results, getting such a strong endorsement of keeping the team in LA is a fantastic sign.

For those confused about what will be happening with the club:

The club will play as Chivas USA and will still call the StubHub Center its home during the 2014 MLS season. It will then be rebranded with a new team name and logo in connection with the sale to a new owner.

And the bottom line for the long-suffering fanbase:

We are confident this is the right move for the club, one that will provide you, the supporters, with a first-class team that is focused on winning, performing at the highest levels throughout the organization, and positively impacting the community. As part of this transition, we plan to add more resources to Chivas USA that will enhance the overall fan experience.

The sentiments may not be universal, but it appears the league is heeding longstanding complaints by Chivas USA fans. As the fanbase that gets by far the worst treatment in MLS on a regular basis, all signs point to the future looking brighter for this team...and its supporters.

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