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New look: 2014 Chivas USA jersey will not feature Corona brand

The team is working to add a new sponsor this year.

Adios, Corona.
Adios, Corona.

Sure, the news surrounding Chivas USA's sale this week is the biggest story, but what about the 2014 season? For those of you fascinated by the team jerseys and kits overall, there will be a big change in Chivas' look for the upcoming campaign. The league announced the schedule for "Jersey Week" Friday, and with Chivas USA among the teams unveiling their new primary kit, there are questions about what will be on the jersey itself.

The Corona beer sponsorship, featured on the team's jerseys the past three years, is over, a Chivas USA spokesperson confirmed to The Goat Parade Friday. Though the Chivas USA name and look will remain this year before an expected rebrand next season, the deal with Corona expired at the end of last year and they won't be on the front of the jerseys in 2014.

When asked if there would be a sponsor on the jerseys, the spokesperson said the sponsorship department was working on it, but there is no specific update at this time.

That means that Chivas will likely go without a sponsor to start the season, and may not feature a sponsor all year. Though the majority of teams in MLS in recent years who have started a season without a sponsor have tended to keep their jerseys blank all year, there have been teams to change their shirts midseason, with FC Dallas and the New England Revolution doing that in recent seasons.

And for those of you who don't like the sponsors on jerseys, you may be in luck this year.

But as the team spokesperson indicated, the process is ongoing and we'll have to see what happens, March 3 at the Goats' jersey unveiling, and beyond.

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