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Chivas ruin it for Chivas USA again -- this time in the Desert Diamond Cup

The Goats have been bounced by a junior team.

No trophy for Delgado or the other Goats in Tucson.
No trophy for Delgado or the other Goats in Tucson.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Look, preseason results are just not important. Chivas USA are currently unbeaten in the preseason, but I promise you that won't mean a whit if they have lost their eighth straight game in June. Remember, they had an excellent preseason last year, and could only be good for the first month of an eight month season.

However...Chivas USA are participating in the preseason Desert Diamond Cup for the first time this year, and after group play, they finished second overall. On the final day of the tournament, the teams are matched up by record, and the top teams go for a piece of preseason hardware.

But as previously announced, the second place team in the tournament will be bounced from the title game on Saturday, in favor of Chivas de Guadalajara's youth affiliate, Chivas Rayadas. Rayadas are technically taking FC Tucson's place in the final day, but as a result of the circumstances, they are also depriving Chivas USA of a chance to win something.

For Pete's sake, I thought we were done with this!

Sure, in three days, the Desert Diamond Cup isn't going to matter, and the whole point of going there was to prepare the team for the real deal ahead, the MLS Regular Season. Again, preseason just doesn't matter. But come on, it would have been nice to see if Chivas USA could have beaten the Chicago Fire (who they'll coincidentally play in the season opener March 9) for a trophy of any kind. It's not like this team has a full trophy cabinet, or a trophy cabinet at all.

As it stands, Chivas USA will play Real Salt Lake in the runners-up match-up, at 2:30 pm 12 pm PT Saturday*. The stream of the game will be available on CUSA's website and

* Real Salt Lake informed me the CUSA-RSL game is the first one, at noon. Thanks to them for correcting me on that.

It's not the Chivas Rayadas' players' faults, but thanks a million, Chivas, on holding CUSA back again.

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