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Argentine midfielder Agustin Pelletieri on trial at Chivas USA

After rumors emerged he was coming to Chivas, he has joined them, in a manner of speaking.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Though the club would not comment on trialist information to The Goat Parade, reports emerged Wednesday that Argentine midfielder Agustin Pelletieri was in action for Chivas USA during the Goats' 2-2 scrimmage against the LA Galaxy this morning.

Though the club officially called him "Trialist #8" in tweets about the scrimmage and match recap on their website, Pelletieri's identity, previously kept under wraps, was revealed today.

You can see in the photo below in this tweet that Pelletieri is the player on the far left edge, in the background behind Bobby Burling:

The question now is whether Pelletieri is indeed a trialist, or if he is a signing whose contract has not yet been finished or finalized. Pelletieri, 31, last played for Argentina Primera team Racing Club de Avellaneda, but his contract was terminated recently and he is a free agent. That means that Chivas, if they do sign him, will not have to pay a transfer fee, which should help sweeten the deal on the Goats' side.

After initially being linked to the Portland Timbers, rumors emerged about a week ago that Pelletieri was on his way to Chivas USA.

Though Oswaldo Minda has been shown in training camp photos released by Chivas, he did not feature in the scrimmage against the Galaxy. That is probably due to injury, though one never knows when it comes to Minda and Chivas. Pelletieri could be a midfield partner for Minda, or he could be a replacement. We will have to see on that front.

Obviously, if we hear further developments we will pass them along.

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