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Rumor: English forward Luke Moore set to sign with Chivas USA

Could Chivas be bringing in more attacking reinforcements from aboard?

Clint Hughes

Here's a rumor out of the blue: Sky Sports is reporting today that English forward Luke Moore is coming to MLS and will be signing with Chivas USA. They say he's on his way to LA this week, and will sign after taking a physical.

Moore, 27, is apparently a free agent after playing for Turkish side Elazigspor. He started his career with English Premier League team Aston Villa, where he was 2003-08, with loan spells at Wycombe Wanderers and West Brom sprinkled in. He then signed a permanent deal with West Brom in 2008, and stayed there until 2011, with a loan sandwiched in at Derby County. After that, he went to Swansea from 2011-13, before moving to Turkey last year.

He's being touted as an EPL striker, and the Sky Sports report is claiming he rebuffed Premier League teams to come to Chivas, though given the actual leagues he's played in over the years, a fair chunk of the time he played in the English Championship (2nd division). And over the course of his career, in any division, his strike rate hasn't been very good, as he's scored a goal a hair under every seven games.

Still, there have been players who have come from obscurity in England to do well in MLS, so Moore, if he is coming to Chivas, could prove useful.

It must be stressed that this remains a rumor for the time being, as Sky Sports' track record is pretty spotty (though they did name the author of this report, so there could be more to this one). Chivas could use more strikers, and if Moore is a free agent, the Goats won't have to pay a transfer fee, which I assume is very appealing to them, so it seems conceivable. Still, we'll have to wait and see if this report pans out.

Rest assured, we'll keep you posted on any updates.

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