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2014 Preseason: Chivas USA depth chart through two weeks of training camp

What's the current situation?

Avila: Trading places in midfield.
Avila: Trading places in midfield.

Chivas USA have made it to the two week mark in their 2014 preseason preparations, and it is time to reassess the squad. There have been signings in the past couple weeks, and a handful of trialists trying to make the grade. Let's look at the lay of the land with a month to go before the start of the season.


Name Status In camp? Minutes played in preseason
Dan Kennedy Signed Yes 0
Tim Melia Signed Yes 0
Larry Jackson Trialist Yes 66
Michael Abalos U-23/Trialist Yes 23

From the appearance of training pictures released by the club, it looks like there may be another goalkeeper or two training with the club, though whether that is the case or if they are staff is currently unclear.


Name Status In camp? Minutes played in preseason
Carlos Bocanegra Signed Yes 45
Tony Lochhead Signed Yes 45
Bobby Burling Signed Yes 45
Andrew Ribeiro Signed Yes 45
Andrew Jean-Baptiste Signed Yes 45
Donny Toia Signed Yes 45
Carlos Borja Signed Yes 40
Fejiro Okiomah Signed Yes 37
Michael Nwiloh Trialist Yes 45
Michael Harris Trialist Yes 8

In the team's first scrimmage, the minutes were doled out pretty evenly overall among the defenders. Borja played in midfield, so we'll have to monitor if his apparent position switch will continue through training camp and into the season.


Name Status In camp? Minutes played in preseason
Mauro Rosales Signed Yes 45
Eric Avila Signed Yes 45
Carlos Alvarez Signed Yes 45
Carlo Chueca Signed Yes 45
Bryan de la Fuente Signed Yes 45
Oswaldo Minda Signed Yes 0
Marky Delgado Signed Yes 0
Agustin Pelletieri Trialist Yes 27
Kris Tyrpak Trialist Yes 45
Thomas McNamara Trialist Yes 45
Jacob Barron U-23/Trialist Yes 23

From initial appearances, it looks like Avila may be playing on the left this year, with Rosales likely to play on the right. Holding midfield seems to be a question mark, though if Pelletieri's signing is a foregone conclusion then it could help determine matters. There is, of course, the question of what Minda's status is with the team and where Delgado will play this year -- the youngster likely didn't feature because he missed the first week of camp while in Guadalajara with the U-18s.


Name Status In camp? Minutes played in preseason
Erick Torres Signed Yes 45
Matthew Fondy Signed Yes 45
Adolfo Bautista Signed Yes 45
Caleb Calvert Signed Yes 0

Calvert, like Delgado, missed the first week of camp while at the Copa Chivas and that's likely why he didn't see time in the scrimmage against the Galaxy. Keep in mind as well that de la Fuente and Tyrpak can also be classified as strikers. That said, this part of the team is pretty light at the moment, especially with a creaky Bofo looking likely to get significant minutes.

What else?

I've been told that Salvadorian midfielder Efrain Burgos, Jr., who played for Toronto FC in 2012, is on trial with the club as well. Whispers from Salvadorian fans have also circulated, though I haven't found a photo clear enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. So we may see him emerge at some point if he continues training with the club.

Additionally, there's also the rumor that free agent English forward Luke Moore will be coming to Chivas. No indication from the club yet on that front, so we'll have to see if any news emerges there.

By my count, that makes 31 players total. There are currently 21 players signed and on the active roster. Teams can have up to 30 players on the roster, and so not everybody in training camp will make the final cut. There will also likely be more players to come into camp through the end of the month, but frankly the current trialists look to have a solid shot of being offered a pro deal, at least a better chance than trialists at most MLS teams.

We'll have more discussion of the roster, as well as the key factors like international slots, as training camp continues.

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