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Chivas USA waive forward Bryan de la Fuente

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The U-23s' first pro signing is already out the door.

De la Fuente in his final action for Chivas on Wednesday.
De la Fuente in his final action for Chivas on Wednesday.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In rather surprising news this Saturday, Chivas USA announced that they have waived forward Bryan de la Fuente. The 21-year-old signed with the Goats for the second time last August, and saw regular playing time after that, scoring twice and starting the final 11 games of the 2013 season.

Though de la Fuente had moved down the depth chart this preseason, and not gotten a great deal of playing time under new Chivas coach Wilmer Cabrera, the move is still unexpected. But maybe it was more that the story surrounding de la Fuente's comeback was more engrossing than the player's actual abilities on a rebuilding 2014 side.

De la Fuente originally signed for Chivas in 2010, but made just one appearance for the team, a five minute substitute cameo, before he was cut prior to the 2012 season. After signing with Club Tijuana and playing a short time for their U-20 squad, he was a free agent, and ended up playing for Chivas USA's U-23 side. As the first player signed from that team to Chivas USA's first team last year, de la Fuente had several very good performances, including scoring in his first game back with the Goats.

But as I said, he had clearly moved down the pecking order, and he's now the second casualty of the Cabrera era, following Carlo Chueca's departure on Thursday.

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