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Chivas USA supporters group Black Army 1850 launches drive to purchase team

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The Black Army in action at a match.
The Black Army in action at a match.
Alicia Rodriguez

On Friday, the Black Army 1850, one of the surviving Chivas USA supporters groups, announced they would be looking to purchase the club that is officially and publicly for sale.

Here is the full text of their letter:

Dear Commissioner Garber,

First of all, let us thank you for taking the first step in what we hope is a long relationship between our city of Los Angeles and creating a true MLS franchise that all fans will support. In the past, many of us in the Black Army thought that such an endeavor would be a possibility. It is our wish that we can make this dream a possibility. We propose to help you find an ownership group that represents the diversity, winning attitude, and passion for this beautiful game.

We are also committed as a supporters group to purchasing the team ourselves so that we can never go through horrific ordeal that we endured under the ownership of Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes. We did not enjoy protesting their reign and accept that it may have led to bad publicity. Nevertheless, we are firm in our beliefs that this can never happen in MLS and especially to a great soccer city like Los Angeles. Black Army is no actual army but a conglomerate of idealists who only wish to see second Los Angeles MLS franchise compete and be successful.

We will be looking to establish ourselves this season and start a fund drive to purchase this team. We do not request a discount but a fair chance to buy this club. We look forward to raising 70-100 million dollars before the end of the season. If a deal is made and the club is sold to a different owner, we will donate no less than 100% of the funds raised to MLS Works.

We have a high mountain to climb to meet our goal, but that will not stop our unwavering support for this club. Whatever, it is to be called or rebranded.

Thank you,


The announcement has already gotten people talking, as one might expect.

I spoke to a group spokesperson regarding the proposal, and found that while it was acknowledged realistically speaking it would be a tall task, they feel it's worth trying.

"We are [a] very outspoken bunch, when something is going wrong with our club be it players, coach, president, even owner....we voice it. So we all decided why not put our money where our mouth is. If we feel like we can run the club better and make it our vision, make it what we want to represent, then let's go for it," Angel Mendoza said.

Though they are still finalizing efforts to get the funding drive up and running through two crowd funding websites, Mendoza maintained the Black Army was "very serious" in their campaign.

If they did accomplish their goal and ultimately bought the team, he said the first order of business would be to celebrate: "The next step [after buying the team] would be to hold a celebration on doing the impossible. Then setting up a structure of the right staff to make sure the club is successful. We would be looking for a location and investor for a stadium."

However, it appears the group is also realistic that raising the funds to make an eight-figure purchase will be more than a tall task.

"We are realists and not dumb, our chances are very low, but it is fun to do the impossible," Mendoza said.

"We want whatever investor to come and purchase our club to know there is a group that cares about the club and the city, a group that has no connection whatsoever with any other club or city. We want to be included in decisions like many clubs around the world. Even if we do not reach our goal to purchase the club, we would like to raise enough to invest into it," he added.

For more information, contact the Black Army on twitter @BlackArmy1850 or head to their website,

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