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Chivas USA forward Jose Correa suffers major knee injury on loan with Argentine club Gimnasia

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The Colombian faces a long road to recovery.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Bad news all around for forward Jose Correa, who suffered a knee injury February 24 while playing on loan from Chivas USA with Argentine team Gimnasia La Plata.

After scoring a goal in a game against Belgrano in a 2-2 home draw, Correa's left knee ligaments apparently suffered such trauma that it was said it sounded like a whip cracking when he came down injured (Spanish). Yikes.

The team doctor, who spoke to the press regarding the injury, reportedly said Correa's injury is the "worst" a knee can sustain.

In Argentina, reports are that Correa will be out for eight months. It's beyond a tough blow for the youngster, who was starting to get some traction with Gimnasia. After arriving to start the 2013 Torneo Inicial (Argentina does split tournaments, like Mexico), Correa was plagued by minor injuries, something that also slowed his progress with Chivas USA.

But he had started four straight matches to begin the 2014 Torneo Final, and appeared set to find a real rhythm prior to his injury. In his time with Gimnasia, he's scored four goals in 10 appearances, a much better scoring rate than he's had with Chivas (3 goals in 32 MLS appearances).

So, really tough news for the player. What does it mean for his loan, however? He is, after all, still officially a Chivas USA player.

When asked for about Correa's injury, a Chivas USA spokesperson said she was unaware of the MLS side's technical staff's role with Gimnasia regarding Correa's medical care at the moment. However, the spokesperson said Correa's loan will not change as a result of the injury.

What that means is that it looks like he won't be returning to California any time soon, and that Gimnasia will take the lead in his treatment and rehab.

Though the length of Correa's loan is publicly unknown, it seems likely that it was for a year. In that case, he could be done officially at Gimnasia by the summer. Since he almost certainly won't be close to ready to play by that point, will Gimnasia seek to extend the loan or purchase him outright? It's all in the air at the moment, obviously.

We'll update this situation as we find out more, of course.

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