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Reserves: Chivas USA lose 2-1 to UCLA

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They lost, but this one doesn't count.

Moore saw time against the Bruins Monday.
Moore saw time against the Bruins Monday.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A Chivas USA senior team has finally lost in 2014.

Fortunately, it was the reserves team, who fell to UCLA in a scrimmage Monday morning 2-1 at the stadium complex.

The Bruins went up with two goals in the first half from Larry Ndjock and Jordan Vale. Matthew Fondy cut the lead in half on a tap-in from a Mario Ledesma cross in the 69th minute.

This was Chivas' starting XI for the game:

Trevor Spangenberg; Andrew Ribeiro, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Michael Nwiloh, Donny Toia; Matthew Fondy, Dani Fragoso, Marky Delgado, Kris Tyrpak; Adolfo Bautista, Luke Moore

Ledesma, a member of the Chivas USA U-23 team, entered in the 39th minute for Toia. Two other U-23 players, goalkeeper Michael Abalos and forward Javier Castro, came into the game in the 84th and 76th minutes, respectively.

Caleb Calvert replaced Bofo in the 67th minute.

It looks like Wilmer Cabrera is attempting to fast track the fitness level of Bofo and Moore by giving them minutes, which makes sense. And it appears Nwiloh is still working for a contract, as he's around but hasn't signed a deal yet.

Here are the highlights of the match:

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