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Jorge Vergara starts getting his digs in on Chivas USA with "Pirates of the Caribbean" crack

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It's just Vergara being Vergara.

"There's only one Chivas:" Well, except for this other one, for one more year.
"There's only one Chivas:" Well, except for this other one, for one more year.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Vergara is gone as Chivas USA's owner, and we've reached the aftermath. Let me paint a picture for you: in the coming months and years, Vergara will get his digs in regarding his failure as an owner of the MLS team, and in most cases, he'll be blaming others for what went wrong.

In this case, it's not exactly that he's blaming others, but he's pretty blithe. Univision had an article on their website on Thursday on what Vergara said during a talk at a Mexico City university, and Chivas USA came up (Spanish).

Tom Marshall translated the money quote on our beloved team:

I mean, maybe. There is, after all, precedent here in American sports, as a Stanley Cup-winning NHL team is named after a Disney movie.

Look, I can't tell from the quote itself if Vergara meant it to be a joke or a serious statement. But what a jerk.

While it appears the vast majority of Chivas USA fans are happy about the ownership change, and a significant portion of the fanbase overall is looking forward to a rebrand and moving away from the Chivas name, I've talked to fans of the club who are not only upset by the turn of events, they feel betrayed that everything they've been defending all these years is going away.

You can't make everybody happy all the time, and changes will necessitate hard feelings for some. Still, way to further alienate the few people who still supported you, Jorge.

Also, I can't help but bring up the fact that had there been more investment in Chivas USA, both financially and, you know, mentally, Vergara may have at least made an honest attempt at making it work.

But now, he can look back from doing a (less than) half-assed job running an MLS team, and blame it all on the brand. There can only be one Chivas. Maybe, but you're conveniently leaving the person responsible for the ultimate failure conveniently outside your picture, Sr. Vergara: you.

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