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Chivas USA midfielder Oswaldo Minda suffers hamstring strain, unlikely to be ready against New York Red Bulls

The Goats will have a big hole to fill with their destroyer likely out this weekend.

Minda (left): Probably won't be shutting down opponents this weekend.
Minda (left): Probably won't be shutting down opponents this weekend.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably one of the turning points in Chivas USA's first loss of the 2014 season, against FC Dallas, came when midfielder Oswaldo Minda had to be replaced in first half stoppage time due to injury. Prior to that, the game was scoreless, and without Minda on the field, Dallas ended up scoring three goals in the second half to beat the Goats.

It appears Chivas will be missing their starting defensive midfielder for at least one more game, as The Goat Parade has learned that Minda suffered a right hamstring strain, according to a team spokesperson.

Though the spokesperson said that Minda is "recovering quickly," no specific timetable was given for his return to the lineup. When asked if he was a possibility for Sunday's match against the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena, the spokesperson said it was unlikely.

As a result of Minda's probable absence, there is a question of who will pair the returning Agustin Pelletieri in the holding midfield role. Assuming Pelletieri is back, and since he was suspended last week there's no reason to believe he won't be, Chivas coach Wilmer Cabrera could opt to play rookie Thomas McNamara again in central midfield, or he could bring in Dani Fragoso to provide experience alongside Pelletieri. Marky Delgado, who entered the Dallas game for Minda, could also have a shot, though he will likely be on the bench to start the game.

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