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Two streaks on the line for Chivas USA this weekend

Can they banish one and keep the other alive? Hopefully in their favor?

Can they put their heads down and get three points?
Can they put their heads down and get three points?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA have two streaks on the line on Sunday when they face the New York Red Bulls. One is great, the other isn't. So it goes for the Goats.

On the negative side, credit to Blair Angulo for disseminating the statistic that Chivas haven't won a league match on the road since March 24, 2013, against the Chicago Fire (who they of course already beat this year). That means it has been a full year since they've picked up three points on the road. Obviously, that's not a good streak, and if the Goats can turn the page on it and take another skeleton out of their metaphorical closet, then that could be a good sign for this season. At the very least, getting a road win could get the ball rolling and hopefully help the Goats increase that tally from last year.

The stat on the other side is much more positive, of course. Chivas haven't lost to the Red Bulls since June 2010, their longest unbeaten streak in league play against any team. It's an eye-raising stat, and one that will certainly end at some point, but if they can avoid defeat one more time, the club will ensure they will end their Chivas USA days with an impressive unbeaten streak.

Of course, there's a chance they will lose to New York, and the bad stat will continue and the good stat will be snapped. But they can keep both alive with a draw, or of course snap the first and continue the second streak with a win. We will find out with the game.

What do you think will happen against the Red Bulls? Leave a comment below!