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Countdown to Kick Off: Is there hope of Cubo staying the whole season?

Is it possible he could stay beyond June?

Cubo's a key man for the Goats.
Cubo's a key man for the Goats.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 MLS Regular Season starting in less than a week, The Goat Parade is discussing some of the key questions heading into the season. Today, we begin by introducing a new contributor, Jfrancisco, who wonders if there could possibly be some wiggle room regarding the future of Erick Torres.

Will Erick "Cubo" Torres' future be over at Chivas USA this summer?

As reported following the sale of the club, former owner Jorge Vergara said "All Guadalajara players on loan would return in the summer." However, what are the chances of Torres actually staying for the rest of the 2014 season?

Unfortunately all we know is that Torres is on loan from the former mother club Guadalajara. Chivas USA has not commented on the status of the player.

But when Torres was asked about the upcoming season on the team's website:

"I think [2013] was half a season of adaptation that helped me a lot," Torres added. "Now I have a full season where I can try to continue and perform well. I have a lot of goals and dreams, but I'm focused on March 9 to have a good start."

Reading his comments just might give Chivas USA fans hope that the young Guadalajara striker will remain with the club for the entire 2014 season.

What if Torres leaves?

Chivas USA's top scorer leaving would be a blow to the team; however, it could also be seen as a good thing.

With Torres leaving it would open a spot for a DP. That all depends of course if MLS, and in particular new club president Nelson Rodriguez, are willing to make a move to replace Torres. If not, let's just hope the team doesn't have to rely on one player to score goals this season.

In the end, Torres has become valuable addition to the club and Chivas USA fans, including myself, would hate to see him leave.

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