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Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez says Cubo Torres could stay beyond June

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Maybe the star striker won't be on the first plane back to Guadalajara after all.

Here's hoping we'll see many more of these celebrations with Cubo.
Here's hoping we'll see many more of these celebrations with Cubo.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

New Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez held a teleconference for reporters Monday, and the headline of the soccer matters during the call concerns questions about the future of forward Erick Torres. Though Jorge Vergara said on the day the news broke that MLS bought Chivas USA from him and his wife that Torres would be returning to Guadalajara once his loan was over in June, Rodriguez painted a different picture.

According to Rodriguez, who discussed Cubo twice during the call, Chivas USA have two options on the loan, one to extend it the full 2014 season, as well as an option to purchase his contract on a permanent basis. Rodriguez stated that the decision to exercise either option rests with head coach Wilmer Cabrera, and the president stressed that the team does not have to take action or make a decision on Torres' status with the MLS side for a few months yet.

The news is obviously quite a turnaround for Goats' fans, who believed Torres' time was going to be short with the team. If Cubo is indeed allowed to remain with the team, it could help the team not only retain their leading scorer from 2013, but be able to really count on him to be the top scoring option through the season, perhaps even beyond. The 21-year-old is a rising talent, and with the striker pool at Chivas de Guadalajara dominated by veterans like Omar Bravo, Rafael Marquez Lugo, and Aldo de Nigris, it is entirely possible that Torres, who left Guadalajara after a sustained slump, could be surplus to requirements there.

But Torres could also be a battleground of sorts in the aftermath of Chivas USA's sale to MLS. Would Vergara be willing to let Cubo stay? To be sold? If he is, will he ask for a fair price? Those are questions we'll have to wait on for the next few months. In the meantime, Cubo is a member of the team and the fan favorite could stay longer than we first expected. Stay tuned.

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