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Today in out-of-context headlines: TMZ, Chivas USA's Carlos Alvarez, and the Latino baby boom

What in the what?

Get out of Carlos' way! He's talking about...well, nothing much, actually.
Get out of Carlos' way! He's talking about...well, nothing much, actually.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

You know, the website TMZ has admirers and detractors. Known for their entertainment news, the website has done well over the years in breaking some big stories, and getting various celebrities, "celebrities," and pure wannabes to yell over in their direction while walking to their car or the 7-Eleven or whatever.

They also have a sports section, and I'm not going to lie, I haven't really paid attention to it. I probably won't start paying attention either, at least if they run "stories" like the one they did on Sunday about Chivas USA midfielder Carlos Alvarez.

The staff headlined the article: "Chivas USA Carlos Alvarez -- Latinos Are Baby Making Machines: Of Course We're Taking Over Cali." Sounds fascinating...maybe this dude is really into Aztlán and thinks it's really happening now. Maybe he has some, uh, unconventional political beliefs, or maybe he's really kind of loony.

But I don't think so, at least based on the quotes (allegedly) from Alvarez's mouth. Here's the entire text of the article...I don't feel bad about citing it in its entirety because it is super short and the headline really doesn't match the body:

MLS player Carlos Alvarez isn't shocked white people are now officially a minority in California because as he puts it, "Latinos have a lot of kids" -- but he tells TMZ Sports he thinks this is the beginning of a revolution.

We spoke to the Chivas USA midfielder about the huge news that Cali's Latino population hit 39% this month ... edging out the white population (38.8%) for the first time.
23-year-old Alvarez is 1 of 6 siblings raised in East L.A. -- born to Mexican immigrant parents -- and says almost everyone he grew up with was also a 1st generation American from a large family.

Alvarez says he thinks the Cali milestone could be huge for the Latino-American community -- "This might cancel people's fears about going to the polls" because they'll feel better represented.

Translation: there's strength in numbers.

Alvarez is a registered voter, but says he's still trying to convince his own parents to turn out on election day.
He adds, "This is a teaching moment for our community to really understand and make sense of the issues - and get out there and vote!

Let me go out on a limb and make a couple conjectures here. I bet Alvarez was at either a community event representing Chivas USA, or maybe was a prominent citizen at a "get out the vote" event.

He is quoted making a few pretty clear statements, and the unnamed reporter in the article whips up those banal statements into a full-blown essay on Latino fecundity.

Look at the comment section for that article, if you dare. It's full of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino yahoos.

Was this click bait at its finest, taking a professional athlete with literally no real wider public profile, and twisting his words, certainly political, but nothing actually controversial, and getting racists and anti-immigrant crusaders to click and pass it around?

Sure looks like it to me. It's like using "gotcha" tactics for no discernible reason.

I don't know how this even qualifies as a sports story. I don't even know how this was written.

I don't know why I'm writing about it, and sending clicks their way, except it is so egregious it can't go unremarked.

Wake me up when TMZ's Sports division writes a CUSA story with news or substance in it. Hell, even writing about one of the players' wives or girlfriends (also, husbands or boyfriends) would be more newsworthy than this (just kidding, leave those people alone).

I mean, I can't even

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