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Chivas USA rebrand contest: Vote for the winner!

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Jonathan Daniel

Following news of Chivas USA's sale, we opened the field up to get some rebrand ideas for the club beyond this season. Thank you to everybody who participated and sent in entries to the contest. We got a lot of great entries, and the decision was truly tough to whittle it down to the finalists. But here we are, and it's time for you to help us pick the winner of The Goat Parade's Chivas USA rebrand contest.

First, here are the finalists, in no particular order:

LA Diablos, submitted by Stephen Johnson:


Club Deportivo Los Angeles, submitted by manolo1516:


Pobladores CF, submitted by CityDrew:


Racing Club Los Angeles, concept submitted by Black Army 1850, design submitted by MRX:


So Cal Athletic Club, submitted by Zurangatang:


Now it's your turn to decide the winner. If you were in charge, which name and design concept would you pick?

Have your say in the comments below! Stump for your candidate, or explain your selection.