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Chivas USA waive a player they just signed, defender Fejiro Okiomah

Tough blow for the 23-year-old.

Best of luck, Fejiro.
Best of luck, Fejiro.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Here's quite possibly the oddest story of the preseason: Chivas USA announced Thursday they have waived defender Fejiro Okiomah. If you don't remember watching him play for the Goats, that's because he signed with the club in the offseason, and the announcement of his addition came literally six weeks ago.

While the whole decision to sign a player then waive him likely before he even cashes a paycheck is bizarre, the likely explanation for the move is that the former Chivas USA regime wanted Okiomah, as he had trialled with the club last fall, and new coach Wilmer Cabrera didn't favor the player. Once that old regime was swept aside, Cabrera was given expanded powers to shape the roster, and decided Okiomah wasn't right for the team. With that context, it looks like a pretty normal soccer move, really.

But I'm going to be honest, I feel terrible for the guy. It's one thing to go on trial and get cut, as tough as that can be. It's another thing to sign a deal, feel pretty secure that you will have a shot to get some playing time (and make some money as a pro), then get cut before the regular season even starts.

Presumably, this move gives Chivas roster flexibility. We'll see if they add another defender in the coming weeks.

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