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Chivas USA's 2014 salary figures are released

They aren't breaking the bank, but they are paying more overall so far this year.

Rosales: CUSA's best paid player at the moment.
Rosales: CUSA's best paid player at the moment.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It's that special day of the year, the day when the MLS Players Union peels back a layer of the opaque nature of league information and releases salary figures for all players. Here's what the figures are for all of the players who remain on the team as of today*:

Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Carlos Alvarez $73,150 $108,150
Eric Avila $115,000 $135,000
Leandro Barrera $50,000 $50,000
Adolfo Bautista $150,000 $150,000
Carlos Bocanegra $300,000 $333,333.33
Bobby Burling $115,000 $122,500
Caleb Calvert $55,000 $62,500
Jose Correa $70,000 $70,000
Marky Delgado $75,000 $77,500
Gabriel Farfan $115,000 $115,000
Matthew Fondy $48,825 $48,825
Andrew Jean-Baptiste $80,000 $95,000
Dan Kennedy $211,750 $213,416.67
Tony Lochhead $125,000 $125,000
Lyle Martin $48,500.04 $49,250.04
Thomas McNamara $48,500 $60,000
Tim Melia $70,000 $75,000
Oswaldo Minda $150,000 $168,750
Luke Moore $120,000 $128,333.33
Michael Nwiloh $36,504 $36,504
Agustin Pelletieri $90,000 $90,000
Mauro Rosales $450,000 $450,000
Trevor Spangenberg $36,504 $36,504
Donny Toia $36,500 $36,500
Erick Torres $152,004 $152,004
Kristopher Tyrpak $36,504 $36,504
Eriq Zavaleta $75,000 $105,600
Total $2,933,741.04 $3,131,174.37

* The list does not include Daniel Fragoso or Andrew Ribeiro, who the team announced were waived on Thursday.

It is worth repeating that the numbers here are not the team's salary cap hit, and are likely incomplete in some cases. Still, as the only figures we get to publicly see, they are worthwhile.

Notably, the payroll is nearly a half million dollars higher this year than during the first salary figures release of 2013.

In addition to Lyle Martin, whose signing was confirmed to The Goat Parade on Thursday, 2014 SuperDraft pick Michael Nwiloh is listed as drawing a salary, though his signing has not been announced.

Mauro Rosales is the team's highest paid player, by a fair margin, but by MLS standards, this team is still one of the lowest-paid overall. We'll have more discussions of the salary figures and comparisons across teams coming up, so stay tuned.

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