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Chivas USA's Eriq Zavaleta ineligible to play against the Seattle Sounders

When facing the parent side, players on loan can't play, says the rules.

Zavaleta: Won't be dressing against the Sounders this year.
Zavaleta: Won't be dressing against the Sounders this year.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A quick note regarding Chivas USA's Eriq Zavaleta, who has started the last four games in defense for the Goats. He is ineligible to face the Seattle Sounders, both this week and in subsequent league matches this year between the clubs, as part of the intraleague loan system. Dave Clark over at SB Nation Sounders blog Sounder At Heart shared the details in his article on the subject, from the MLS Roster Rules.

Though Zavaleta wasn't expected by most to be a regular contributor for Chivas when he came over just prior to the season in the loan deal with Seattle, injuries to Bobby Burling and Andrew Jean-Baptiste meant the second year pro was thrust into the spotlight early this season. It seems CUSA coach Wilmer Cabrera, who worked with Zavaleta on the USMNT U-17 team, was confident in the youngster's ability.

On the bright side, it appears Bobby Burling should be set to return to the starting lineup for Saturday's game, so the loss of Zavaleta shouldn't be as big of a concern. Beyond this week, I would think Burling should be the regular starting CB going forward, but we'll have to see what Cabrera decides on that count.

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