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Rumor: Chivas USA's new owner to be announced after the World Cup?

Is the future sooner than we think?


Does Chivas USA have a new owner(s) in place? And will we hear about the new owner in just a few months?

Guadalajara-based journalist San Cadilla reported in his column on Thursday that the sale of Chivas USA is already complete, and it will be announced following the World Cup (Spanish).

According to the report, the owners will be an unnamed Mexican businessman based in California and a "wealthy American executive." Additionally, the new owners will look at possibly rebranding Chivas USA to the LA Aztecs, something that has been a persistent topic among observers, though some fans of the club bristle at that name.

Furthermore, the report says that the alleged new owners wanted to buy the team directly from Jorge Vergara, but the league may have taken control of the team to "clean up the mess a little" before moving on with the next owners.

Obviously, there are no corroborating reports at the moment, so it's hard to say how accurate it is. I will say that based on the unverified reports I've heard since the league took over the team in February, the information regarding the new owners and the timing is certainly plausible. As for the branding to the Aztecs, I haven't previously heard much about that through my sources.

Still, if this is true, then the future direction of Chivas USA could become clear sooner rather than later, and in many respects, that's great news.

Obviously, we'll report on any new information on this front.

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