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Chivas USA 1, New York Red Bulls 1: How They Scored

Let's break the goals down.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Goal 1: Thomas McNamara Draws the PK in the Box, Erick Torres Converts (25th minute, 1-0 CUSA)

PK GOAL: Cubo Torres goes down the middle | New York Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA (via Major League Soccer)

As usual, Mauro Rosales starts the attack by feeding Cubo and continues his run down the middle to make space. Cubo now has time to ponder his next move and decides to take a shot from about 35 yards out. The shot deflects off of Armando's foot and falls right into Rosales' run. After taking a quick glance over his left shoulder, Rosales crosses it into the box on his first touch and McNamara is brought down by Richard Eckersley. It appeared to be a soft foul on Eckersley, but he had his hand on McNamara's shoulder as McMullet was going up for the header. A foul is a foul in the box and I'll take it.

Who's to praise? Rosales is the type of talent that can create opportunities without the ball, as shown by his run. Good on McNamara for staying involved in the attack and covering that far post. A final gold star to Cubo for doing his homework and knowing Luis Robles' tendencies on PKs.

"I know he is a goalkeeper that moves," Torres said after the match. "I studied him and I saw him. I had a similar match-up with him last season and I thought that if I had the chance to go up against him again, I'd shoot down the center."


Goal 2: Peguy Luyindula Equalizes in Extra Time (95th minute, 1-1 Tie)

GOAL: Peguy Luyindula ties it from the last corner of the game | New York Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA (via Major League Soccer)

Lloyd Sam had been absolutely terrorizing the right wing in the second half, keeping Tony Lochhead, and later Donny Toia, on their toes. This final attack at goal starts when Sam feeds the ball off to Bobby Convey on the right, who proceed to cut inside and send a left footed ball into the box. Carlos Alvarez attempts to clear it, but he mis-hits it and the ball nearly goes in for a goal.

Corner Kick, Red Bulls.

In a last ditch effort to equalize, the entire NYRB squad is in the box, GK Robles included. Bofo is marking Luyindula, Eriq Zavaleta's marking Jamison Olave. Eric Alexander serves it into the box and Bofo is caught ball watching, essentially leaving Zavaleta to guard both Luyindula and Olave. Zavaleta has no choice but to bear hug Luyindula, who connects on the header. The ball deflects off of Zavaleta and gets past Dan Kennedy for the gut-punching equalizer.

In other news, it's the 3rd set piece goal in two games given up by the Goats.

Who's to blame? Well, Bofo for not being an effective mark but as much as I don't want to do it, I'll put some of that on Cabrera for bringing him on in the type of game that didn't really fit his style. A better clearance by Alvarez would've prevented the corner in the first place.

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