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Former Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Real fired by Chivas de Guadalajara

Bad week for former Amerigoats bosses.


It's been a particularly tough week for former Chivas USA coaches. First, Martin Vasquez was removed as U.S. Men's National Team assistant coach, and now, official word that the Goats' last coach, Jose Luis Realhas been fired as coach of Chivas de Guadalajara.  The final straw came last week, as Club America spanked Chivas 4-0 in the SuperClasico.

Real will be replaced by Ricardo La Volpe, who was Mexico's coach from 2002-06 and has coached numerous clubs in Mexico, including CD Guadalajara, in 1989. La Volpe is the kind of coach who can produce an uptick in form, but his track record has mostly been that if he starts hot, his teams can go onto big things, but if he doesn't, he usually doesn't stick around long. Also, he's got a fiery temperament, so you know this is going to end well.

While Real surely knew what he was getting into when taking the Chivas de Guadalajara head coaching job for the second time, he's probably bummed that the years of working for Jorge Vergara in other capacities (Chivas de Gdl. youth development head, Chivas USA head coach) only led to less than five months of time in charge of the Mexican club's first team.

But so it goes. Real may get other opportunities with Liga MX teams, possibly even Chivas if Vergara comes around on him again. I doubt he'll be back in MLS ever again, though.

Check out fan reactions to the coaching change from The Stray Goat, a quality Chivas de Guadalajara blog.

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