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Chivas USA forward Erick "Cubo" Torres discusses desire to return to Chivas de Guadalajara

Will he stay in California? It's still unclear.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA forward Erick Torres did an interview with Arch Bell for published on Thursday, in which the striker discussed his experience with the Goats and his future plans (Spanish).

It seems that despite Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez telling reporters on multiple occasions that MLS has an option to extend Cubo's loan from Chivas de Guadalajara past June, it may not be as simple as the league exercising that in order to keep the Mexican on the team for the rest of the 2014 season.

Cubo told Bell he wants to return to Mexico, though he adds the important caveat that he's not sure when. Here's the key quote:

I really want to play again with Chivas. I want to go back to my country and score many goals. I'm happy here at Chivas USA, it has been a good experience, but I do not rule out a return. I don't know when, but my goal is to play for Chivas de Guadalajara.

In that sense, Torres may be amenable to staying in MLS some time longer, which on one hand isn't the worst possible idea, as Chivas de Guadalajara will be fighting against relegation over the next two seasons in Liga MX. Of course, that desperation, plus the fact that Chivas de Gdl are still looking for a reliable scorer, means Cubo could get an opportunity to go back into the lineup sooner rather than later.

Jorge Vergara said when he sold the team back to the league that Cubo was heading home once his 1-year loan was up. Rodriguez, however, has made it clear the team will most likely pick up the player's option to extend the loan. Cubo himself has been trying to appease both sides in public about the matter, basically saying he likes Chivas USA but he needs to sit down and discuss his future when the time comes, etc. In that sense, don't be surprised if the player and/or his agent tells MLS and CUSA behind the scenes to not pick up the option, so that he can return to Guadalajara.

Still, it looks like Cubo's future with Chivas USA is very much in the air. We will of course keep you posted on any developments in this story.

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