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U.S. Open Cup: Chivas USA will play fourth round match June 14 or June 17

Open Cup action, coming at you either on a Saturday or Tuesday.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an update to the news from last week, regarding Chivas USA and the 2014 U.S. Open Cup. U.S. Soccer announced on Tuesday the schedule for the fourth round. Though CUSA do not yet know which of two teams they will face yet, since the third round will be played next week, they do have specific days and times depending on the opponent.

If Chivas play the Carolina RailHawks, the USOC game will take place Saturday, June 14 at 5 pm PT at the RailHawks' stadium in Cary, North Carolina. The reason they can have a Saturday game this year, unlike the midweek games that typically make up the USOC schedule, is because MLS is on hiatus due to the World Cup group stage. Though neither the United States nor Mexico play that day, that does mean there will be a schedule conflict for those interested in watching all of the World Cup, as Ivory Coast and Japan will play that day at 6 pm PT.

If, on the other hand, Chivas play the Charlotte Eagles, they will play Tuesday, June 17 at the Eagles' stadium in Davidson, North Carolina at 4 pm PT. The World Cup is also happening that day, and the game will conflict with the Russia-South Korea game, will will begin at 3 pm PT.

No word yet on streams for these games, though they seem pretty likely, as the RailHawks have streamed their USOC games against CUSA the last two years, and USL PRO (Charlotte's league) shows all of their games on YouTube this year, so they likely will stream Open Cup games as well.

If Chivas are to really make a go of it this year in the Open Cup, their journey will begin in less than month's time against either the RailHawks or Eagles, who play Wednesday, May 28 in Cary, North Carolina. Let's see a deep run this year, Goats.

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