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Chivas USA announce Spanish-language local TV deal with Time Warner Cable Deportes

Good news, as all of Chivas USA's league games will now be televised.

Alex Grimm

Chivas USA announced on Tuesday they have reached an agreement with Time Warner Cable Deportes to air the team's MLS matches for the rest of the 2014 season. Coming on the heels of the local English-language TV deal announced on May 16, this latest TV deal is superior in two main ways.

First, with the TWC Deportes deal, all of Chivas USA's games will be aired on either local or national television this season, as 16 games will be aired on the local channel, and Univision and UniMas will air six games nationally. In contrast, the English-language deal is limited to 10 games total this season.

Second, Time Warner Cable Deportes is available to a larger region. For example, viewers in San Diego will be able to watch CUSA games, as opposed to KDOC, whose reach is limited to the immediate Los Angeles region.

So this deal is good news, because some of the team's games are being aired on English, but they are all being aired in Spanish, meaning there will be an option to watch them (as long as you have access to KDOC and Time Warner Cable Deportes, of course).

One interesting note is that Time Warner Cable SportsNet has been very closely connected to the LA Galaxy, with whom they signed a $55 million deal over 10 years beginning with the 2012 season. Although the Spanish-language channel has had some Chivas USA coverage, it does appear that either Time Warner is trying to diversify their local soccer holdings across their channels, or Chivas USA is trying to get a decent deal ahead of their rebrand next year. Allying with Time Warner, which has done a good job with Los Angeles Lakers and (it must be said) Galaxy broadcasts since launching in the fall of 2012, appears to be a good step up for the club. We'll see how the coverage looks, of course, but this could be a good step in the right direction.

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