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Chivas USA waive defender Lyle Martin

Of all the mysteries, this one may be the most mysterious.

Sorry, Lyle, but we have no photos of you in our system, still.
Sorry, Lyle, but we have no photos of you in our system, still.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA announced on Friday that they have waived defender Lyle Martin. You may be asking, who? He's the player who was a phantom presence with the club throughout the preseason and early weeks of the current season, before the team publicly confirmed his signing to The Goat Parade in April. Since then, he has been on the injury report every single week until the news he was waived.

There is a chance he just hit some bad luck, and the injuries knocked him out of action, and he never really got a chance to prove himself. However...I'm kind of skeptical of all of that.

I will say that it's plausible the team wanted to cut him a long time ago, but until he was healthy, they weren't allowed to since teams are technically not supposed to drop injured players, so they waited until he was cleared to play then got rid of him. Still, this whole situation is bizarre, frankly.

So, Chivas get rid of a player who had zero chance of playing. Will they replace him with a player who will have a shot of cracking the lineup? His departure means there are 26 players on the roster at present. Will there be summer moves, or just an effort to trim the payroll without adding anything to it? We will see as the weeks roll on.

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