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Rumor: Former Chivas USA star Sacha Kljestan returning to play for LA Galaxy?

Is one of the biggest CUSA success stories going to join the team across the hall?


With plenty of U.S. Men's National Team players returning to MLS in recent months, perhaps it is unsurprising that a former Chivas USA star, midfielder Sacha Kljestan, is being linked with a move back to the league where he got his start.

What is somewhat surprising is that he's being linked to the LA Galaxy.

report out of Belgium on Wednesday claims Kljestan, who's been with Belgian champions Anderlecht since leaving the Goats in 2010, is on the outs there and is being linked to the Galaxy (French).

This is one of those reports that could go either way. The Belgians may have noticed Kljestan is from California, that the Galaxy are probably the most famous MLS club in Europe, and are trying to create a link where one may not exist.

Or it could have some legs. asked the Galaxy for comment on the report and they declined, which again, could signal a connection or nothing at all.

Chivas, and MLS, sold Kljestan to Anderlecht in 2010. Under MLS rules, that means Chivas USA don't own his player rights in the league. The report noted that Kljestan would be subject to the Allocation Order if he returned to MLS, with Toronto FC sitting in pole position, CUSA in 11th, and the Galaxy in 12th. This is assuming he doesn't come back as a Designated Player, but since TFC, the Galaxy and CUSA all have all three slots locked up, if any of those teams wanted him, they couldn't give him a DP deal.

Of course, Chivas probably aren't in a position to sign Kljestan right now anyway, since they are awaiting a transfer of ownership from league control. I won't say it's impossible, since getting one of the biggest stars in team history back on board could help with rehabilitating the image of the club going forward, but realistically speaking, it's unlikely.

Kljestan is a big LA Clippers fan. I know he has to do what he can for his career, but he does realize that going to the Galaxy would be the MLS equivalent of going to the LA Lakers, right?

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