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Report: Bofo Bautista out at Chivas USA?

Some signs indicate he's done, but no official word as of yet.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to the two players Chivas USA picked up on Thursday, it appears that Bofo time might be over in MLS.

A twitter account purporting to be Mexican star Adolfo Bautista tweeted the following message Thursday afternoon:

Translation: "My participation with Chivas USA is over. Thank you for everything!"

Now, what makes the situation tricky is that the account has a relatively low number of followers (it was just over 1,000, but it's gone up about 200 since the tweet dropped), it's not verified, and there have only been 25 tweets from the account. Those three factors scream out "fake account."

However...that was the twitter account linked to Bautista's page on the club's player page on their website. But Bofo's name is now gone from that page altogether.

Given his ineffectiveness so far with Chivas USA, as well as his age, it seems plausible that he's out. But there's been no official word at this point. We'll keep you posted on the story as developments arise.

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