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MLS denies report David Beckham will take over Chivas USA

Potentially major story, or no smoke, no fire?

Beckham in Miami over the weekend.
Beckham in Miami over the weekend.
Richard Heathcote

Major League Soccer ran an article on Friday denying a report from Yahoo Sports that David Beckham was looking to become owner of Chivas USA, instead of setting up an expansion team in Miami as previously announced.

According to Martin Rogers on Yahoo, Beckham had been approached by Chinese and South Korean investors about fronting a bid to purchase Chivas USA, and those who approached the former LA Galaxy star had connections in the construction field and property holdings, presumably in the Los Angeles area.

The report comes amidst serious concerns about the viability of a Miami franchise, after Miami mayor Tomas Regalado this week rejected Beckham's group's second major proposal for a stadium site downtown. The turn of events led to MLS Commissioner Don Garber to publicly concede the Miami expansion plan was "back to square one." In other words, MLS in Miami 2.0 might not happen after all.

MLS President Mark Abbott told the Miami Herald on Friday afternoon:

"I don't know where that report came from," he said. "There's no discussion about that right now. The league is not engaged in this conversation with [Beckham's group] about Chivas."

According to the same Miami Herald story, a Beckham spokesperson declined comment on the Yahoo report.

If the MLS rebuttal is indeed correct, then this is just another example of somebody trying to connect dots when they seem plausible. Beckham's having trouble in Miami? Chivas USA is in the market for a new owner? Beckham used to play and live in LA, so why wouldn't he want to own a team there?

But just because the pieces fall into place doesn't necessarily mean there's any truth to it. Until further notice, we'll have to take the league at their word.

What do you think about this report, and MLS' denial? Leave a comment below!