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Chivas USA's attendance down 8.5 percent so far this season

More evidence the team needs to find a new home, and soon.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Business Daily published statistics on MLS attendance so far this season compared with the 2013 season on Friday. Although the news leaguewide is good, with numbers up 6 percent overall, Chivas USA unsurprisingly bring up the rear in total and average attendance, and are second to last in total drop in numbers. Only the Montreal Impact, down 10.3 percent, saw a bigger decline than Chivas USA's 8.5 percent reduction.

The figures overall are for announced attendance, of course, so the actual carnage may (or may not) be worse than this, but it's impossible to use any other figures than those provided by teams. You may recall CUSA had an announced attendance last month that was the lowest-ever in league history...and the actual crowd was considerably smaller than the 3,702 that was announced during the match.

The statistics just reinforce a consistent point about Chivas USA -- the rebrand and takeover by new owners needs to come ASAP, and more importantly, the club needs to leave StubHub Center once and for all. Although the LA Galaxy have also experienced a drop in their numbers this year, down a shade under 6 percent, their 75 percent of total venue capacity blows Chivas' 27.8 percent capacity number out of the water, at the same venue.

It's yet another piece of evidence that Chivas USA should find a new home in the LA region, and practically any place that isn't the Galaxy's stadium will do. No, of course it won't magically improve CUSA's attendance, but it will provide a psychological boost among both fans and the team itself -- who have been poor playing at "home" for quite some time.

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